About This Site

Students designed

This website is not a third-party theme or template. This website was drafted and designed on paper and graphics editors by the student Devon Gaur. It was then accomplished by building and tweaking the design ideas using text editors to write out the HTML, CSS, JS and PHP running the website by student Peter Wang. The current design is the first version of the website, and it's a milestone that we are more approaching professionalism.

Original and Organized Code

We designed the many features of the website on paper first, and then began to transfer them to image mock ups. After coming up with various ideas, they were realized and reviewed. Students developed the HTML, CSS, JS and PHP by hand to ensure the documents are correct, simple, and understandable.

Domain Certification

Our domain name team2659.com has registered through Xin Net Technology Corporation and the registration has taken effect since it was put on records in the database of gTLD(global Top Level Domain) in ICANN.

Standards Compliant and Accessible

Care was taken to abide as closely as is possible to the HTML and CSS standards specified by the World Wide Web Consortium, and the website has valid HTML and CSS*.
We also make our website accessible. Our website has no accessibility errors or warnings in WAVE from WebAIM or CynthiaSays.